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Are you a Creative?

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing. Innovation is the production or implementation of an idea. If you have ideas, but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.” — Linda Naiman

There is a constant discussion about what makes a person a creative and it seems that the argument will continue forever. To create is human, from being children we have the urge to create, whether its in Plasticine, sand or coloured pens. We dress up,  we pretend, we role play and we narrate. All these things are creative.

As we grow up  we learn about the world using our senses, we hear opinions that we agree with or disgaree with, we vocalise our support for sports teams, pop groups or movie stars. We create food and drinks that excite and inspire. We write, we draw, we sculpt, either as a hobby or as a vocation.

In my opinion it is in our DNA to be creative, whether we choose to accept that creativity and work with it, is another topic for discussion.

Creativity is vital in work and in play, in life and in love. Much of the time it is a skill that is underused and under developed and that’s a pity because when people access their creativity then true magic is performed.

Creativity is taking a walk into the unknown without a safety net but the rewards are amazing!

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